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Ice Princess Cupcakes

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Experience the Magic of Our Ice Princess Cupcakes

Ice Princess Cupcakes from My Little Cupcake's shop, are as enchanting as they are delicious, and add a touch of magic for all ages to any occasion. Our beautifully decorated cupcakes are inspired by a wintre wonderland.

Choose from delectable vanilla or chocolate cupcakes, each one is hand decorated with real buttercream icing in a gorgeous soft, pastel blue, white or purple colour.

To give our Ice Princess Cupcakes an extra special touch, we've added edible ice snowflakes, crowns and Ice Princess images for extra enchantment.  

Our Ice Princess Cupcakes are available to order in a variety of sizes:

  • 6 regular cupcakes
  • 6 large cupcakes
  • 12 mini or little cupcakes
  • 6 regular, gluten-free cupcakes in vanilla flavour only 

These cupcakes are perfect for winter-themed events, birthday parties, or as a sweet treat even on a cold day. Order now and let the flavors of winter transport you to an icy wonderland. Taste the Magic of Winter with My Little Cupcake's Ice Princess Cupcakes!

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